8 Trumpets (and a Flugelhorn). Trumpet Competition Winners

The Northwestern University Trumpet Ensemble performs Franz von Suppe’s Overture: Poet and Peasant and was the first place winner in the Trumpet Ensemble Division at the 2012 National Trumpet Competition at George Mason University. Northwestern University is one of the top trumpet conservatories in the country. Great young players, as you can hear below!

Want to learn how to play in tune like these guys? Curious about mutes? Transposing parts? Anything else trumpet-related? Get yourself a copy of Sound the Trumpet: How to Blow Your Own Horn. If you’re just starting out, have a few years in, or are just getting back to the horn, the book will help. Even better, learn to practice so you can get as good as these players. Just published, The Practice of Practice is a great place to start learning what the best players do to practice. The Practice of Practice (and all my other books) are available throughout Europe, Australia, South America, and Japan, too. Order using the links to the right if you live outside the United States.

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