Phil Smith: Trumpet Whisperer

Congratulations to Phil Smith, long-time principal trumpet of the New York Philharmonic, retiring after 36 years of awesome trumpet playing. Lots of videos both funny and beautiful below. There was a sendoff concert at Avery Fisher Hall in New York. It looks as though the NY Phil (pun intended) will be uploading recordings of the concert here. As I write, the files aren’t uploaded yet, but fingers crossed! In the meantime, check out the vids below:

The Trumpet Whisperer

More evidence that the trumpet section is the Trickster archetype in the large ensemble pantheon. Note: NYP trumpeter Ethan Bensdorf (in the middle above) is one of many stellar musicians I interviewed about practice for my new book The Practice of Practice.


Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman, No. 3


Phil Smith and Joe Alessi Build a Practice Cave

One of the chapters in The Practice of Practice deals with the challenges of finding a place to practice where you can find some privacy, in Part Five: Wherever You May Roam, which is all about places of practice. One person introduced in that part is Bae Il Dong, a Korean Pansori singer who had practiced by singing into a waterfall for 7 years. Where you practice matters.


What Wynton Learned from Phil Smith


Phil Smith Plays Haydn Concerto


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