Small Percussion: Perfect Gift for Musicians

Check out trumpeter Lee Morgan and alto saxist Wayne Shorter play small percussion on this killing performance by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers. They’re playing Dizzy Gillespie’s tune, Night in Tunisia. Gotta be one of the best versions around.

Jymie Merritt’s burning fast bass solo is accompanied by some precise hits from all the small percussionists (starts @ 4:00).

The next several posts will focus on the small percussion instruments below and will include videos explaining techniques for these small instruments you can easily toss into your gig bag. … More Small Percussion: Perfect Gift for Musicians

Mutant Trumpet = Beautiful Christmas Music

Trumpets with two bells are pretty cool. The air flow is switched between bells with another valve. For this horn, the valve is operated by the left hand by trumpeter Matthias Hofs. Beautiful playing. … More Mutant Trumpet = Beautiful Christmas Music

Happy Birthday, Clifford!

Clifford Brown’s birthday is today. He was born October 30th in 1930 and died in a car accident a mere 26 years later. In that short time he did amazing musical things with his trumpet. Still my favorite trumpeter. Gonna dust off my transcription chops and play through his solo on Sandu today in his honor. What a musician! Check out his EmArcy Master Takes on Spotify here. … More Happy Birthday, Clifford!

Louis Armstrong & Danny Kaye Whoop it Up

Louis Armstrong has probably played and sung When the Saints Go Marching In thousands and thousand of times. In the 1959 movie about the life of jazz cornet player Red Nichols, The Five Pennies, Louis and Danny Kaye have a great time on Saints, with a whole lot of added funny lyrics using mostly composers’ names. Both musicians scat in the tune (scatting is using improvised nonsense lyrics). … More Louis Armstrong & Danny Kaye Whoop it Up

Hakan Hardenberger’s Tone Makes Babies Dance in the Womb

Swedish trumpeter Hakan Hardenberger has one of the most gorgeous tones on the trumpet. Jazz trumpeter Ingrid Jensen tells a wonderful story about how her baby reacted to Hardenberger’s tone, but not to other trumpeters. Watch the excellent documentary on Hardenberger, perhaps the best living classical trumpet soloist. … More Hakan Hardenberger’s Tone Makes Babies Dance in the Womb

Trumpet Lessons and More at Chromatik

I just stumbled across the Chromatik web site, a site for learning how to play an instrument, including trumpet. I can’t vouch for all the videos on there, but it looks like one of them is a trumpet video lesson of mine (on playing thirds). I’ve posted around 80 trumpet video lessons which you can find on YouTube here, but check out Chromatik site, too, and see if there’s any good stuff on there. Below is the video on playing thirds that Chromatik chose to include on the site. I’ve uploaded videos like this for every key if you’re interested. … More Trumpet Lessons and More at Chromatik

Clean Up Your Axe: Long-term Illness linked to Goop Inside Trombone

A recent story made me realize cleaning your horn is a lot more important than just having speedy valves and good air flow. Turns out some nasty things can grow in the horn, too, stuff that can make you sick.

Trombonist Scott Bean had a long-term illness caused by what was living in his trombone, which he didn’t clean very often. Growing inside Scott Bean’s ‘bone was a mold called fusarium (among other things), and he was allergic to it. … More Clean Up Your Axe: Long-term Illness linked to Goop Inside Trombone

Happy Belated Birthday, Lee Morgan

Lee Morgan’s birthday was yesterday, July 10. Here’s Lee Morgan playing with the 1961 Oscar Peterson trio (OP, piano; Ed Thigpen, dr; Ray Brown, b).

The tune is deceptively simple, but it’s easy to rush those quarter note and dotted quarter note rhythms on the head of the tune. If you’re not paying attention, you’re gonna speed up instead of laying it back.
Play along. Changes in C are here (thanks to MRB). Real Book, vol. 2 in which Moanin’ appears can be found in C (piano, guitar, etc.), Bb (trumpet, clarinet, t. sax), Eb (alto sax) and bass clef.

Want to compare Lee Morgan’s version below to Freddie Hubbard’s? Click here. … More Happy Belated Birthday, Lee Morgan