Duke Ellington, The Wise Musician, and Cootie Williams

I love this man’s music. And last February, after hearing a smoking middle school septet (yes, I wrote that correctly) do a superb version of Duke’s Black and Tan Fantasy, I think it’s safe to say Duke’s music will be a long-lasting legacy.

Here’s a vid, a short bio on the man. The gem comes around 2:40. “Every musician in the world has some limitation. There is no musician in the world who has no limitation…. But, the wise players are those who play what they can master.” Below that is a vid of Duke’s tune, Concerto for Cootie, written for trumpeter Cootie Williams. … More Duke Ellington, The Wise Musician, and Cootie Williams

Mutes Galore

Lesson 22: Mutes Galore

In this podcast you can hear all the mutes that are most commonly used with the trumpet. This is a good supplement to Sound the Trumpet, chapter 16, read in an earlier podcast. … More Mutes Galore