Great Long Tone Warm-up Advice

Wynton on how to concentrate on your long tones during a warm-up. Your sound is everything:

If the vid doesn’t start at 3:07, bump it up to there, or get a quick history of the trumpet and demonstrations of old trumpets (including a conch shell)… … More Great Long Tone Warm-up Advice

Small Percussion: Perfect Gift for Musicians

Check out trumpeter Lee Morgan and alto saxist Wayne Shorter play small percussion on this killing performance by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers. They’re playing Dizzy Gillespie’s tune, Night in Tunisia. Gotta be one of the best versions around.

Jymie Merritt’s burning fast bass solo is accompanied by some precise hits from all the small percussionists (starts @ 4:00).

The next several posts will focus on the small percussion instruments below and will include videos explaining techniques for these small instruments you can easily toss into your gig bag. … More Small Percussion: Perfect Gift for Musicians

Happy Belated Birthday, Lee Morgan

Lee Morgan’s birthday was yesterday, July 10. Here’s Lee Morgan playing with the 1961 Oscar Peterson trio (OP, piano; Ed Thigpen, dr; Ray Brown, b).

The tune is deceptively simple, but it’s easy to rush those quarter note and dotted quarter note rhythms on the head of the tune. If you’re not paying attention, you’re gonna speed up instead of laying it back.
Play along. Changes in C are here (thanks to MRB). Real Book, vol. 2 in which Moanin’ appears can be found in C (piano, guitar, etc.), Bb (trumpet, clarinet, t. sax), Eb (alto sax) and bass clef.

Want to compare Lee Morgan’s version below to Freddie Hubbard’s? Click here. … More Happy Belated Birthday, Lee Morgan

Great Footage of Lee Morgan: Bob Cranshaw Remembers Lee

Lee Morgan has such personality and feeling in his playing. He’s one of my all-time favorite trumpeters. Man! Could that guy play. Bob Cranshaw played bass with Lee Morgan and talks about Lee in this interview, interspersed with great footage of Lee Morgan playing tunes like Doodlin’, Night in Tunisia, and Sidewinder. Cranshaw talks about the Sidewinder sessions. … More Great Footage of Lee Morgan: Bob Cranshaw Remembers Lee

12 Rules of Practice, from Wynton Marsalis

Wynton Marsalis is a musician who knows how to practice. As a younger man, he was equally at home in front of a symphony orchestra playing the Haydn concerto, or laying down some serious jazz with Art Blakey. Check out Wynton’s discography for more evidence.

Here are 12 practice suggestions from Master Marsalis. Each one could be the subject of a book on its own. … More 12 Rules of Practice, from Wynton Marsalis