Next-Level Musical Coordination

Viento de Agua – La Reina Mía: Daniel Díaz y su Tripandero If you’re interested in jamming along, they’re playing in A minor (B minor for us trumpeters). Use the B harmonic minor scale and you’ll have some fun. Also consider the diminished 7th that goes along with it: C#-E-G-A# and associated diminished scale.

Drum Genius? Jazz Metronome and Backing Loops

Playing with backing tracks is usually more fun than playing with a metronome. Not always more helpful, but nearly always more fun. I use iTabla Pro, Brazilian Drum Machine, Afro-Latin Drum Machine, and Djembe Studio pretty regularly. I just downloaded the latest rhthm backing track/metronome DrumGenius and love it. Not only does it have a … More Drum Genius? Jazz Metronome and Backing Loops