Learn “Dark Eyes.” Over 40 Video Lessons + Extras. Early Bird Pricing 82% Off.

Come learn Dark Eyes, one of my favorite tunes.

Geared toward comeback players and beginning to intermediate trumpeters, this course is packed with content. This tune has been covered by all the greats, from Louis Armstrong to Dizzy Gillespie, and of course, the great Django Reinhardt (with Hubert Rostaing on clarinet for this version).

Dark Eyes is a simple 16-bar tune based on the Russian folk song Ochi Chernye, known in French as Les Yeux Noirs.

Dark Eyes is a super fun song to play and improvise on. I start all my beginning players on this tune in the lower octave. You DON’T NEED TO READ MUSIC to learn this song. I make it easy to follow along, and the sheet music has the fingering included.

Here’s what you’ll get for $15 if you enroll in the next couple weeks before the course is oficially released:

  1. 40 Lessons (see full curriculum below)
    1. Melody
    2. Scales
    3. Chords
    4. Improvising
    5. Performance (see full curriculum below)
  2. Printable, downloadable sheet music
    1. Melody in 2 different octaves and key signatures
    2. Scales and modes for the tune with exercises
    3. Chords and exercises both for chords alone and movement from one chord to the next
  3. Downloadable Backing Tracks:
    1. Various speeds from slow to fast.
    2. Rhythm section on the full tune
    3. Single chord and exercise-specific backing tracks
    4. metronome and more eclectic beats at various tempos.
  4. Access for life.
  5. 30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Full Curriculum

99% of the videos are “in the can” as they say, and now all that footage is undergoing editing. The exact order and content may change (increase), but this is the bones of the course on learning how to play Dark Eyes:

Part 1: Introduction, Resources, and How This Works

Part 2: The Dark Eyes Melody and Scales

Part 3: The Dark Eyes Chords

Part 4: Improvising Over Dark Eyes

Part 5: At the Gig

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