Wynton Marsalis on Tradition: Deep Knowledge

For the legendary jazz musician and composer, tradition fuels creativity.

Source: Wynton Marsalis Is the Musical Director for Our December Issue

Mr. Marsalis shows the depth of his musical knowledge as he chats about some of his favorite, most important songs on his playlist. The stories and the people behind the songs are so incredibly important. Read about Amazing Grace, the Judy Collins version, if nothing else. Links to the songs (and video if there is any) are below.

Marsalis’s breadth of knowledge is represented by the Facets Model (Barrett, McCoy & Veblen), which I’ve written about before. Use it when you’re learning a piece/tune/whatever so that you learn not only the notes and the sounds, but all that brought them into being. Peace.



Some of Marsalis’s Playlist Picks

Also check out Peter Mulvey’s version.

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