Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone: Marcus Miller, Lee Hogans (tpt) and Crew

Deep groove from Marcus Miller, bass,  Adam Agati on guitar, Alex Han on saxes, Brett Williams on piano, Lee Hogans on trumpet, Louis Cato on drums and Mino Cinelu on percussion, playing Papa Was a Rolling Stone.

Looks like it’s in Bb, because Lee Hogans is soloing using the C blues scale. If you’re not sure why those are different, check out Sound the Trumpet: How to Blow Your Own Horn.

Here’s the tune. Originally by The Temptations. Check them doing the original below.

In the vid, Lee Hogans is playing on a Monette mouthpiece (but his current pics on his site show a Bach, so not sure what he plays on most regularly), and a clip-on mic, patched to a belt unit. Not sure exactly what brand his mic is, but check out how he adjusts it when he puts in the Harmon mute. He also gives a motion to the sound guy to tweak the sound when he changes. That’s one of the challenges of playing with mics, and clip-on mics in particular. Mute changes–especially the Harmon–can totally change your amplified sound. Something you’ve got to mess around with to dial it in.

After some research, and because I can’t afford a wireless mic, I’m about to lay down some cash for this clip-on mic. Looking forward to trying it out with my amp and pedals.

Here are the original masters, The Temptations:

Simple song harmonically, just hanging out on one chord, but that groove and those rhythms and the harmonies take that simplicity to a whole new level. Amazing.


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