Wayne Bergeron & Louis Dowdeswell

Nice arrangement and performance of When You Wish Upon a Star, with trumpeters Wayne Bergeron (former lead player for Maynard Ferguson) and Louis Dowdeswell (another young screamer).

There is a time and a place for the super-high note. Nice harmony, and the high notes fit musically, as opposed to the “high note for the high note’s sake” kind of thing often heard from less musically astute players. This example sounded great, imho.

You can buy the backing track and the chart (see below).


Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/chickentiko

Buy the backing track and big band chart here:

When You Wish Upon A Star – Washington/Harline; Arr. Callum Au
Engineered, Produced and Filmed by Louis Dowdeswell

The Band:
Solo Trumpets: Wayne Bergeron, Louis Dowdeswell
Trumpets: Ryan Quigley, Tom Walsh, Andy Greenwood, James Copus
Trombones: Andy Wood, Callum Au, Tom Dunnett, Simon Minshall
Woodwinds: Simon Marsh
Bass: Laurence Ungless
Drums: Ed Richardson
Keys: Chris Eldred
Guitar: Tommy Emmerton

Rhythm section session recorded at “THE AVIARY”.

Wayne Bergeron is a Yamaha recording/performing artist
Louis Dowdeswell and Tom Walsh are Vincent Bach performing artists
Simon Minshall is a Rath Trombone performing artist
Ed Richardson is a Murat Diril Cymbal performing artist

Learn to practice, read music, play trumpet, and more at Sol Ut Press. www.Sol-Ut.com
Learn to practice, read music, play trumpet, and more at Sol Ut Press. www.Sol-Ut.com

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