Must-Listen Podcasts for Trumpeters (and 1 Blog)

First, the great brass blog over at Dennis Wick. I’ve got several of their mutes and the blog is just as excellent and useful. Below are taken from a recent post on their blog <snip>

They just turned me on to The Brass Junkies and The Entrepreneurial Musician, podcasts from Pedal Note Media, started by Andrew Hitz and Lance LaDuke, former members of the Boston Brass, and world-renown musicians in their own right. Here of a couple videos of the two in action. Below are the links to the podcasts.

Andrew Hitz Tuba Solo

Lance LaDuke with the Boston Brass

1) The Brass Junkies
This was the first podcast from Pedal Note Media, and it is hosted by both Lance and Andrew. In each episode, they interview a brass musician and discuss everything from their backgrounds to equipment to warm-up routines to side hobbies (like woodworking). Here is list of those who have been interviewed as of June 24th:
1. Ryan Anthony, Principal Trumpet, Dallas Symphony Orchestra
2. Rex Richardson, Trumpet Soloist
3. Kevin Gebo, Trumpet, U.S. Army Band, “Pershing’s Own”
4. Victor Barranco, Trombone, U.S. Army Blues
5. JD Shaw, Horn Professor, University of South Carolina
6. Austin Boyer & Buddy Deshler, Fredericksburg Brass Institute
7. Michael Parker, Parker Mouthpieces
8. Amy McCabe, Trumpet, “The President’s Own” U.S. Marine Band

2) The Entrepreneurial Musician
In this second podcast installment of Pedal Note Media, Andrew interviews musicians from diverse backgrounds in the music business industry. Everything is discussed from how to network and market yourself as a musician, and what caused these musicians to create their respected opportunities as publishers and performing musicians. Here is a list of who has been interviewed so far as of June 24th:
1. Ranaan Meyer from Time for Three
2. Patrick Sheridan from Breathing Gym
3. Gavin Chuck & Michael Clayville from Alarm Will Sound
4. Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser
5. Jeff Nelsen from Indiana University


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