25 Best Trumpet Method Books (free PDFs, too!)

This is a re-post from one of many over at Arban’s Method, a blog/website you should follow. Lots of great stuff over there!

I should note that all of the below are filled with music, exercises, etudes, and all kinds of other great, great stuff. I have almost all of these books memorized.

What these books don’t tell you are things like how to tongue, how to use your tongue for lip slurs, transposing, using mutes, double- and triple-tonguing, and lots-and-lots of other stuff about playing trumpet that you’d get from a great private teacher or, this book: Sound the Trumpet: How to Blow Your Own Horn. Click on it to learn more (be sure to check out the “Bonus Material“:


Okay, here’s the Arban’s Method post<snip>

Here’s a list of 25 of the Best Trumpet Books you need to become a great musician. Plus, there are free PDF downloads of Clarke studies, Charlier and Goldman – just look for the small links under the images. If there are other method books you think should be listed, let us know in the comments below. Enjoy and share!

9 thoughts on “25 Best Trumpet Method Books (free PDFs, too!)

  1. I think your selection is very good, I would only add that the 17 Berdiev Studies are well worth a Trumpeters time also, Regards T.

    1. Wow, sorry for the WAY late reply, Troy. Thanks for the tip. I’m not aware of the Berdiev, so looking forward to checking it out! Many thanks.


  2. Hi, thank you for the wealth of books! This is great, I can feel my ‘chops’ hurting just looking at all these methods to try! haha. I do have a question…The link for “Odd meter etudes” is the same as “Develop Sight-Reading”. Is there another link that I’m just not seeing?

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