Trumpeter Lew Soloff Passes. RIP

Eponymous 1968 album Blood, Sweat & Tears
Blood, Sweat & Tears 1968 

How can you not love Blood Sweat & Tears? Lew Soloff was one of the reasons that band was so good. Here are some clips to honor his legacy. I never got to meet him, but he taught me a lot, just the same. Below is a counter melody to play with the main melody of Clifford Brown’s Jordu that you can easily pull off the video from a visit of his (and the great Scotty Barnhart) to the Monette trumpet factory:

The Jordu countermelody is first. The rest is just messing around.

Check out how he builds this solo and the interplay between Soloff and the Mingus Big Band rhythm section. 

Classic Blood Sweat & Tears: Spinning Wheel 

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