Arturo Sandoval Gives Girl Top-Notch Trumpet After Hers Was Stolen

Arturo Sandoval (Grammy winner (10 of them!), protege of Dizzy Gillespie), and philanthropist.

Sandoval donated a top-of-the-line trumpet to an 11-year-old Washington girl after her horn was stolen. “It’s a perfect horn for a professional and for a student it’s – wow – over the top,” Sandoval said. His love for the trumpet began in Cuba when he was 10 years old.

Sandoval said it was an honor to help Hannah, whose family could not afford to replace her stolen horn. Never leave your horn in the car! If you must, put it in the trunk.

Here’s Mr. S in action:


And back in the day, one of his first groups to make it big in the US, Irakere. Smoking band. Here’s a full concert. If you want to hear/see Arturo, skip the awesome percussion intro up to around 5:00.

Some heavy hitters in Irakere!

Chucho Valdés (piano)
Arturo Sandoval(Trumpet)
Paquito D’Rivera (alto saxophoneand flute)
Oscar Valdés (percussion andvocals)
Carlos Puerto (bass)
Carlos Emilio Morales (guitar)
Jorge Varona (trumpet)
Tato Alfonso (percussion)
Bernardo Garcia (drums)
José Luis Cortés
Anga Díaz (percussion)
Fran Padilla (saxophone)
Carlos Averhoff (saxophone)

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