Think Girls Can’t “Really” Play Trumpet? #1 You’re Wrong. #2: Maite Hontelé

There’s this outdated stereotype floating around instrument choice and gender. It’s ridiculous. We all know that. I’ve been playing trumpet for over 30 years and in that time, some of the best players I’ve played with have been women.

If you can breathe, and if you can move the valves, you can play trumpet. I could easily name over a dozen great female players off the top of my head, so I will: Clora Bryant, Marie Speziale, Susan Slaughter, Ingrid Jensen, Alison Balsom, Tine Thing Helseth, Kiku Collins, Natalie Dungey (who is only 15), Jean Laurenz, Kelly MacDonald, Trish Grima, and a great Latin trumpeter I just discovered, Maite Hontelé. There are many more, but this post is about Maite Hontelé. Here’s anothe video. I think I want to move to Colombia. En serio.

At the moment, the only thing I know about Maite Hontelé is that I love her music. I’ve always been a sucker for Latin grooves, and everything I’ve seen and heard so far is just pulling me in deeper. The video above prime example, the tune La Vida Tiene Sabor. And below is a video with the superb vocalist Oscar D’Leon. Dig it!





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