I’d Hit That: A T-Shirt For Trumpeters

Hey everybody! I’ve got a new Kickstarter up, with a modest fundraising goal. Here’s the details:

The Pitch:

Trumpeters are often the jokesters in the band. They aren’t afraid of a little boasting either. Here’s a shirt to show a bit of both.

The idea for this shirt came to me several years ago, before Kickstarter was on my radar, and I thought, “This is such a great idea, somebody must have done it before.” I looked everywhere online and found nothing.

A couple weeks ago I remembered the design and looked again, and still nothing. I thought it would be a fun Kickstarter project, so here it is, a T-shirt for trumpeters.

The color choices for this t-shirt are like what Henry Ford said about the first model T, “You can get it in any color you want, as long as it’s black.”

If there is enough interest, I’ll consider offering more options (colors, longsleeve, etc.), but for now, black is beautiful.

The Back of the Shirt

The Front of the Shirt:

 The Sticker

The sticker is 3 x 5 and will also be in black. The sticker looks like the back of the shirt. I’m still toying with fonts, so the final design may be a bit different than this:

Risks and challenges  (Learn about accountability on Kickstarter)

There’s very little risk here, short of a zombie apocalypse or a major meteorite strike. My last successful Kickstarter project was for a book I wrote, and this project is much simpler on every level. These WILL be ready in time for whatever winter holiday you celebrate.


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