Brownie Speaks: Clifford Brown Interview

I love everything about Clifford Brown, except for his tragic death at a young age. Here's a short interview excerpt with Clifford Brown in which he talks about improvising, practice, players he admires, warm-ups, intonation, and other great stuff, all packed into the short space of six minutes.

Clifford said he used to practice 2 hours every day, and he said the most important thing was that he didn’t miss any days, even if he had to cut the time short.

Wonderful, wonderful musician and human being. One of my musical heroes and one of the people throughout all time who I’d like to meet. Check out Clifford Brown’s discography, and you won’t be disappointed. If you can only get one album, a great choice is Study in Brown.


Clifford Brown Live: Sweet Georgia Brown

Clifford Brown – Trumpet
Sonny Rollins – Tenor Sax
Richie Powell – Piano
George Morrow – Bass
Willie Jones – Drums *



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