Arturo Sandoval Talks Warm-up, Arban’s, Sound Quality, and More

In the third video below Arturo Sandoval talks with Jens Lindemann about all kinds of trumpety stuff. But first, here are a couple of clips of these two trumpeters in case you don’t know who they are, or if you just want to hear some good playing.

Jens Lindeman is a Canadian trumpeter that is equally comfortable in jazz or classical mode. Check out Jens Lindemann’s YouTube channel. Here’s Jens Lindemann’s version of Duke Ellington’s Echoes of Harlem:

Echoes of Harlem (Jens Lindemann, cornet)

Jens Lindemann’s discography

I once spent some time in Boston and was hanging out at a festival in the middle of town, a festival that I stumbled upon and knew nothing about. I was sitting outside the gates on the steps of a cathedral, writing in a journal, I think. Then I heard this AMAZING trumpet sound from back stage and looked up to see Arturo Sandoval warming up. I waited a bit until he seemed done, and approached for an autograph. He graciously scribbled one in the back of my journal and went out to play a great show. Here he is playing a Harry Warren jazz standard, There Will Never Be Another You.

There Will Never Be Another You (Arturo Sandoval, trumpet)

Sandoval’s discography


Jens Lindemann and Arturo Sandoval Talk Trumpet



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