Kickstarting “The Practice of Practice”: Final Days (73%)

The Kickstarter for The Practice of Practice is in its final week and is at 73%. Learn about the book and see the pledge rewards on the book’s Kickstarter Page. Here’s how the project is doing:

Help Kickstart the Book!
Our Kickstarter Campaign is LIVE

Current projections put the project at achieving  99% (see below) of the target goal. If you don’t know, a Kickstarter project has to reach 100% of its goal or the project isn’t funded.

I chose Kickstarter’s all-or-nothing model for two reasons: less than the goal just wouldn’t cover costs for editing and hardcover printing. And secondly, it’s fun to have a clear-cut, distinct goal to stretch for. The do-or-die model appeals to my sense of competition.

As for the book itself, the text is complete, and the latest paperback prototype of the book (the 4th) is in my hands and undergoing further design and editing tweaks before being sent to a professional editor.

Here’s how the project numbers look with one week to go. The project could sure use your support. Join the 92 people who have already backed it! If the project doesn’t reach its funding goal by April 11, the project fails, no hardcovers will be printed, and nobody gets any of the rewards.  I hope you can join the party and help push the project to 100%!





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