Gábor Tarkövi (Berlin Phil) Trumpet Master Class: Mahler 5

Deutsch: Gustav Mahler
Gustav Mahler

Researchers Lauren Sosniak, Benjamin Bloom, and others have identified various roles teachers play in the development of expert performers. Sosniak in particular identified 3 phases of teachers.

Here,  Berlin Philharmonic principal trumpet player Gábor Tarkövi is fulfilling the role of a Phase 3 teacher for Ismael Brandão on the trumpet solo that opens Mahler’s Symphony No. 5.

Phase 3 teachers usually don’t have much of a personal relationship with the student, but help the student to focus on specific performance details, just like Mr.  Tarkövi  does in this clip. Below the master class is a clip of Tarkövi  performing the opening solo with the Berlin Philharmonic.

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Gábor Tarkövi plays Mahler 5, Berlin Philharmonic

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