Trumpeter Charlie Porter plays Bach Partita #1 in a Subway

English: Young Johann Sebastian Bach. 1715. Te...
Johann Sebastian Bach. 1715Some of the best musicians in the world spoke with me long and deeply about music practice, including many trumpeters. That information and much more are in my next book, The Practice of Practice. A Kickstarter campaign is LIVE for The Practice of Practice until April 11, 2014. Learn more about the book, and how it’s different from any other practice book, get the best deal, and help bring the book into the world. It’ll be fun. I promise. Watch the short video.

Rex Martin, tuba player extrordinaire, often plays with the Chicago Symphony and is a veteran of thousands of commercial recordings. He recommends that tuba players play music from all the other instruments, anything you find beautiful or challenging. It’s great advice, and Bach has put out some good stuff, for sure.

Charlie Porter is a New York trumpeter who also has some excellent how-to trumpet videos on YouTube. Here he’s playing the “Double” from Bach’s Partita No. 1, and his ability to effortlessly make these leaps are impressive. Beautifully resonant space, too. Not sure if it’s a subway, but it looks like one. Hope you like it.


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