Brave Brass Players X-Rayed

Images from a patient with normal pressure hyd...

After the fMRI post, a kind reader sent me a link to the video below (thanks, Thiago!). Pretty amazing for many reasons. The amount of x-ray radiation these brass players were blasted with is kind of crazy.

Even if they didn’t know the dangers, I salute their sacrifice. I found myself especially watching the tongue position as players went higher, and the movement of the tongue while double and triple tonguing. Tone and accuracy leaves something to be desired.

Probably all the really excellent players told the researcher, “You want me to absorb a massive dose of radiation? Are you kidding? No way!”  But if they asked me, I’d probably ask something like: “Will getting a massive dose of radiation give me super-powers? I’m in!”


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2 thoughts on “Brave Brass Players X-Rayed

  1. Thanks for posting this! I seriously couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. I agree about the tone, but maybe its the recording quality. Loved seeing the tongue motion during the lip slurs and higher notes. I can’t wait to show my students. Seeing the tongue raise and lower will make more sense than telling them to do it.

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