Hilarious: The Whisper Key

None of this is true, but all of it is hilarious. Hope you enjoy. I say again for those of you beginners out there: NONE OF THIS IS CORRECT, but all of it is hilarious. If you don’t know of PDQ Bach, check out that musical humor, too.

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4 thoughts on “Hilarious: The Whisper Key

    1. haha! That’s pretty funny. I’d love to take a Schmutzone to a gig! You could use all fingers and toes and still have 1 valve unaccounted for.

      I posted the disclaimer because there was an unintentionally hilarious comment from a music educator in the YouTube comments for this vid. The guy was incensed that such misinformation was allowed on the intertubes. Very funny in itself, but maybe he had a point. Hard to believe anyone could take it seriously, but I’d hate to mislead some beginner…. Too funny not to risk it, though….

    2. Thanks so much for the great info, Clyde. Am not sure why I never responded to any of these. I blame the dissertation, but really, it’s no excuse. So, here I am responding, especially to the most important question on the page. The PhD is now in my pocket and I’m responding within a day or two to comments. Apologies!


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