A 2-Man 18 pc Big Band: James Morrison

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Check out this tune from the phenomenal Aussie musician James Morrison. For his latest album, he composes and plays all the instruments in the big band save the drums, played by the amazing Jeff Hamilton. Yeah, you read that right. All the instruments. The man is a fantastic musician.

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Check out Morrison’s biography, too. It’s an entertaining, funny read. Morrison tells the story of himself as a young man, going deep into a trance on stage listening deeply to the upright bass and hyperfocused on the player’s fingers on the strings, mesmerized. He went to bed and had bass-playing dreams all night, awoke with blisters on his fingers and the ability to play the thing. There’s a lot of research on mental practice and how it helps, but most won’t have such extreme examples, I’m guessing.

Morrison just performed and gave a clinic at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival and was, as always, inspirational and funny. Including what I learned from his most excellent example, I also learned from Mr. Morrison that big red kangaroos are more like a bull than a deer and that platypuses are not as dangerous as I thought.

Snappy, Too

James Morrison recordings



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