New York Philharmonic Trumpeter Ethan Bensdorf, on Practice

Ethan Bensdorf, NY Philharmonic trumpeter

You have to be beyond your instrument and hear, really hear what comes out the other end. If you’re just practicing for the sake of practicing, for getting better, that’s part of it, but also you have to hear what you’re practicing. You have to be a completely active listener while you practice.
~Ethan Bensdorf, from the interview

Ethan Bensdorf is one of the many stellar musicians I interviewed for my next book The Practice of Practice. The Kickstarter campaign for the book is LIVE, through April 11, 2014. Get the book at a reduced price and help to bring it into the world. Learn more here.

NY Philharmonic trumpeter Ethan Bensdorf is a superb classical trumpet player. We talked over the phone and he told the story of how he landed the gig with the New York Philharmonic, playing with principal trumpet legend Mr. Phillip Smith, including a week spent getting his chops together on the rotary valve trumpet before heading back to New York for another round of final auditions. Ethan also shared his thoughts about practice and had a lot of great things to say. Thanks for sharing all this great information, Ethan!

Hope you enjoy.

Ethan Bensdorf on practice (mp3)

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3 thoughts on “New York Philharmonic Trumpeter Ethan Bensdorf, on Practice

  1. I’m a trumpet player as well, currently doing my Masters at New England Conservatory. Although I’ve only met Ethan very briefly one time while visiting Northwestern, I’ve always idolized him since I too studied with Bruce Daugherty while growing up in Chicago. It’s so great to see how far he’s come as a professional, and thanks so much for conducting this interview. It’s given me even more inspiration and has reinforced and introduced a lot of helpful concepts on how to practice.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Allen. It was valuable to hear from Ethan for me, too, especially the way that he’s still working to figure out what works best. That’s really inspirational to me. And you’re lucky to not be in Chicago at the moment. Seven in the morning and already 87 degrees!

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