Trumpeter Chad McCullough on Practice

Either you’re working to get better, or you’re not working to get better. And everyone that’s working to get better is on the same level, they’re just at different phases of the journey.

~ from the interview

Chad McCullough is one of the many stellar musicians I interviewed for my next book The Practice of Practice. The Kickstarter campaign for the book is LIVE, through April 11, 2014. Get the book at a reduced price and help to bring it into the world. Learn more here.

Interview with Chad McCullough

Check out the interview with Seattle-based jazz and classical trumpeter Chad McCullough. Last year at the Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival, Chad and I met and after a quick chat he agreed to talk with me about practice. Not only is Chad an excellent trumpet player, he’s also got piano chops, and this influences his trumpet playing. Listen to the podcast to learn his thoughts about trumpet playing and practice.

McCullough is about to leave Seattle to tour Belgium and attend a release party for his latest album, Imaginary Sketches (out 2-15-11), from Origin Records in the states, and De Werf in Europe. He’s a busy guy and has some other great stuff out, too, including an excellent album from The Kora Band, and he was generous enough to let me use a tune from their latest album to open the podcast.

The Kora is a West-African stringed instrument that has a great sound. Here’s a video clip of Kora master Toumani Diabaté in action. The clip that opens the interview is Over-caffeinated and Under-fed.

Chad has interesting things to share about practice and how he thinks about music that I found both interesting and useful. Hope you enjoy the interview. Have fun and good luck with your practice.

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