Postlude: How Do You Didgeridoo?

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dream.

~Arthur O’Shaunessey

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Postlude: How Do You Didgeridoo?

This Chapter Covers:

Terms to Know:
  • circular breathing: A breathing technique which allows you to maintain a continuous sound without asphyxiating.
  • overtone toot: A higher note on the didgeridoo, also called a trumpet toot or tone. It’s a higher note in the overtone series.
  • backpressure: The pressure created when blowing through a tube. The smaller the tube, the greater the backpressure.
  • Yidaki: A didgeridoo made by an Aboriginal Australian using traditional harvesting, crafting, and decorating methods.
Chapter Resources:

The Usual Resources:

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