Chapter 19: Trumpet Music

What we play is life.
~Louis Armstrong

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Chapter 19: Trumpet Music

This Chapter Covers:

  • Making sense of your choices,
  • method book repertoire,
  • classical symphony repertoire
  • classical solo repertoire,
  • jazz repertoire

Terms to Know:

  • repertoire: a collection of works that an artist can perform
  • etude (AY-tude): A short piece of music designed to improve a particular technique.
  • fake book: A book that includes lists of songs including the melody and chords. There are fake books containing jazz, Latin, Christmas, Christian, and many other types of tunes. For trumpet, consider getting the Bb edition so you don’t have to transpose!

Chapter Resources:

The Usual Resources:


One thought on “Chapter 19: Trumpet Music

  1. Hello Jonathan, I’m glad I stumbled across this site, I’m also a trumpeter, a totally blind one, and was just looking for possible trumpet lessons for a fellow musician who plays trumpet and saw you have sample mp3 recordings which is perfect because this guy is totally blind and had picked me to teach him, however he wished me to do this online, since I don’t live in his state nor in his area, well, it is quite tedious because he asks about stuff that I told him would require a sighted instructor, so he is going to look for one, but meanwhile I’ll pass your site along for reference, feel free to chat trumpet stuff with me whenever.
    Concord, California jazz trumpeter, Chela Robles who is totally blind
    I also have Twitter and I believe I added you but I could be wrong, just search for Chela Robles and I’ll confirm.
    Skype Name: jazzytrumpet
    Have a great rest of the weekend, and perhaps you’d like to hear some sound samples from me? Hit my inbox if you wish to get a sample.

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