Chapter 18: The Transposing Trumpeter

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Chapter 18: The Transposing Trumpeter

This Chapter Covers:

  • Transposing concepts,
  • Bb instruments,
  • C instruments,
  • The C transposition for trumpet/cornet
  • Eb, F, D, E and Ab transpositions.

Terms to Know:

  • transpose: to change a piece of music from one key to another, keeping the relationships between pitches the same.
  • fake book: a book of standard tunes containing the melody and chord progressions. Originally used for jazz, but many styles of fake book are available.
  • C instrument: instruments in concert pitch do not need to transpose most music. Some C instruments are: piano, guitar, bass, flute, oboe, trombone, tuba, and bagpipes.
  • Bb instrument: an instrument with written notes one whole step above concert pitch. For example, the sound of a C on a piano would be written as a D for trumpet.

Resources for this Chapter:

figure 18.0: the difference between piano music and trumpet music as written:

18.1: Siple C transposition, Ride of the Valkyries transposition, and transposition chart

Eb Transpositions: Simple example, Hummel trumpet concerto, chart:

The F Transposition: simple, Ride of the Valkyries, chart

D Transposition: simple, Ride of the Valkyries, chart

The Ab transposition and chart:

E transposition and chart:

Transposing in other languages:

The Usual Resources:


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