Chapter 15: Trumpet Sound Effects

There is nothing more serious than fun. ~Don Cherry, trumpet master (1936-1995)

Chapter 15: Trumpet Sound Effects

This Chapter Covers:

  • Vibrato,
  • alternate fingerings,
  • scoops, doits, falls,
  • half-valve techniques,
  • flutter tongue, and the growl

Terms to Know:

  • glissando: A smooth and continuous change from one note to another. Done on trumpet with the half-valve technique.
  • slide: Another name for glissando. Also a name for part of the trombone.
  • trill: Changing quickly from one note to another note the next closest note in the key signature above the primary note.
  • scoop: A short glissando into a note from below.
  • doit (pronounced doyt): A short rising glissando after a note.
  • ornament: Melodic embellishments. Ornaments may be written in or improvised by the performer. Ornaments covered here are vibrato, trills, turns, shakes, etc.

Resources for This Chapter:

  • Musical Examples:

Alternate Fingerings Exercise:

click for larger image


click for larger image


click for larger image


click for larger image


click for larger image


click for larger image


click for larger image


click for larger image

Grace Note:

click for larger image


click for larger image

Shake/Lip Trill:

click for larger image

The Usual Resources:


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