Interlude: The Practice of Practice

I never practice; I always play. ~Wanda Landowska


I interviewed many stellar musicians from multiple genres of music for my next book The Practice of Practice. The Kickstarter campaign for the book is LIVE, through April 11, 2014. Get the book at a reduced price and help to bring it into the world. Learn more here.

Interlude 1: The Practice of Practice

This Chapter Covers:

  • Where to practice,
  • when to practice,
  • how to practice,
  • what to practice,
  • why practice?

Terms to Know:

  • ‘shed: as in “woodshed.” A slang term hip musicians use when they mean intense practice. As in going out to the woodshed alone and getting serious about practice.
  • etude (AY-tude): A piece of music studied to improve technique.
  • metronome: A mechanical device used to keep perfect time
  • tuner: A mechanical device used to monitor correct pitch.
  • pedal tone: A note below the normal range of the trumpet. Excellent for a brass player’s warm-up or cool-down.

Resources for This Chapter:

Other Resources:

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