Chapter 6: Avoiding Bad Breath

Virtually any aspect of trumpet playing will improve in direct correlation with improved breathing. ~Keith Johnson, The Art of Trumpet Playing


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Sound the Trumpet chapter 6: Avoiding Bad Breath

This Chapter Covers:

  • Why learn to breathe?
  • Taking a correct breath,
  • the breathing tube,
  • breathing exercises,
  • gadgets for better breathing.

Terms to Know:

  • breath mark: An apostrophe-shaped (‘) symbol placed above the staff to indicate a breath is to be taken at that point of the musical phrase.
  • diaphragm: The muscle that controls the inhalation and exhalation of the lungs.
  • breathing tube: A tube of PVC, cardboard or paper that helps to open the throat for a good breath.
  • NB: No Breath. Don’t breathe. used as a reminder to avoid breaking a musical phrase by taking a breath.

Extra Information:

  • Cool animation of the respiration process here.
  • An excellent animation of the diaphragm muscle and how it works is here.
  • Learn how to make a breathing tube with one of my videos here.
  • And the first of a few breathing videos is here.
  • Find some breathing gadgets: Voldyne, Breath Builder, Wind Song Press

Further Reading:

Other Resources:

One thought on “Chapter 6: Avoiding Bad Breath

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