Chapter 2: Listen!

Those who do not hear the music think the dancers mad. ~African proverb


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Sound the Trumpet: How to Blow Your Own Horn Chapter 2: Listen!

This chapter is all about listening, and includes large lists of great trumpet music in many different genres. The PDF is linked so that you can listen to samples of almost all the titles in the chapter.

Below are some great options for free listening if you have an Internet connection. These weren’t in the original book:

  • Pandora: Most people know about this site already. It’s an outgrowth of the music genome project. Plug in a key word (an artist, a genre, a song title), and Pandora will make a radio station for you based on your key word. This can be a great way to discover recordings you didn’t know about, and artists you didn’t know about.
  • Musicovery: If you’d like a more visual experience to find jazz (or any other genre) related to how you feel at the moment, try this interesting site. Fun to play with. I just found a great version of “Body and Soul” by Roy Eldridge (Little Jazz). Woot!
  • Lala: According to TechCrunch: “Lala May Have Just Built The Next Revolution In Digital Music. The company has the best streaming music product on the Internet today, and a business model that doesn’t burn cash.”
  • Accujazz: This is a fantastic site, not only because it’s got great jazz recordings to listen to for free, but the way they’re organized is brilliant. By genre, by decade, by artist, by instrument, and a whole bunch of other great ways to organize the music. Over 55 channels. I’m currentlydiggin the Blue Note channel. Fantastic stuff! Highly recommended.

I Love jazz music, so that’s mostly what I seek out when I listen. I know there are simlar sites/services out there for other genres, I just don’t know what they are. If anyone wants to share, jump in the comments section and let us know where the good stuff is…. Here’s a list:

Jazz Podcasts

  • All of these podcasts can be subscribed to either on the site (which is the link provided) or on iTunes. Just run a search using the right name and you’ll be able to subscribe via iTunes. This is how I get all my podcast subscriptions as it saves time and is automatic. Many on this list come from Blogspot’s list, many of which I’d already subscribed to, but there are a few new ones here I look forward to hearing.
  • Word Jazz: Okay, this one doesn’t have much to do with jazz, but it’s a very cool series of spoken word pieces done by poet Ken Nordine. who worked with cool jazzer Chico Hamilton for a while.
  • 30 Years of Piano Jazz with Marian McPartland: This NPR show is truly fantastic. McPartland, a piano player, interviews and plays with jazz luminaries and has been doing it for decades (btw, this link isn’t a podcast, but follow the “more” link and you’ll find the podcast button). On this site you can scroll over pics, click on them and get a good 5 minute clip from interviews. One of the best sites I’ve seen in some time, and a great resource. Thank you, intertubes. Thank you, NPR!
  • Conversations with Christian (McBride): This is a podcast you have to get through iTunes (it’s free), and can be had in either audio or video formats (vids can also be found through CM’s Facebook page). The first one is w/ Eddie Palmieri. As a bonushere are a bunch of McBride’s videos playing with a host of fantastic musicians.
  • Wynton Marsalis: Video podcast series now in over 100 episodes. A major insight into the great trumpeter’s work, including extensive HD footage of band rehearsals, master class footage, concert footage, album trailers, spoken word, pdf samplers of written work…. Good stuff, but can’t be had in audio-only, so it won’t go on an iPod shuffle….
  • The Traneumentary: Sweet! Just discovered this and am psyched to explore the 33 episodes up already. Presents interviews on John Coltrane’s music with many jazz greats including McCoy Tyner, Charles Tolliver, Sonny Rollins, Steve Kuhn, Jimmy Cobb, Joshua Redman, Joe Lovano and many more. Available at the site, or through iTunes. Free.
  • We Insist!: Jazz Speaks Out: A multi-part series exploring the impact of jazz music on social change movements and African-American history and culture. The series features conversations with musicians, authors and educators who have studied the music and its impact, experienced it first hand and, in some cases, created it.
  • Jazz Profiles: An in-depth look at the greatest performers who have influenced the history of jazz; presented by host Nancy Wilson. Highly recommended! (subscribehere)
  • GWU Presents American Jazz: Traditional jazz and the stories behind the music. Hosted by George Washington University’s Dick Golden, listen Saturdays from 10am-Noon on Sirius-XM Channel 70. Podcasts Now Available. Listen in iTunes.

Other Resources:

Have fun and good luck with your practice!

Want to learn more about the best ways to practice? Get an e-mail with a discount code when The Practice of Practice by Jonathan Harnum is published (June, 2014). To learn more about the book, check out a sample from The Practice of Practice.


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