Chapter 4: Doin’ the Mess Around

Everybody doin’ the mess around.  ~Ray Charles


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Sound the Trumpet, Chapter 4: Doin’ the Mess Around

In this chapter:

  • Put the horn together,
  • How to hold it,
  • Posture,
  • Valves 101,
  • Simple exercises

Terms to Know:

  • valve casing: The metal which surrounds and supports the valves. The fingers of your left hand wrap around the valve casing.
  • trigger: Found on the third and first valve slide, these allow the fingers–thumb and ring finger respectively–to move the slides in and out when necessary for tuning.
  • valves: The piston-like devices that divert air into the first, second and third valve slides in order to change the pitch of the trumpet.
  • long tones: Any single note held out for one large, complete breath. Long tones should be clear and unwavering with a full tone.
  • mouthpiece puller: A device that can mechanically extract mouthpieces stuck in the horn.


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